Whether you prefer a leisurely walk to appreciate the natural beauty, rucking (hiking with a backpack), a brisk jog for a burst of exercise, or an exhilarating adventure in your private 4-wheel drive terrain vehicle, we have something for everyone with our outdoor activities in Hill Country. Seize your opportunity to navigate the terrain at your own pace, savoring the tranquility or embracing the thrill of the journey.

Nourish your spirit among the beauty of the land.

Make your experience truly unforgettable.

“The creek, spa, cold plunge, the animals, happy hour, tours, the ATVs, and all the attention to detail. Nothing was missed; down to the comfortable beds, games, linens, s’mores, animal feeds, and fresh eggs daily. Just wow. Surely this has been an impressive stay and your hospitality really showed lots of love and care for the guests and facility.”

“Thank you from both of our families for such an enjoyable retreat.”

Kind Words


Surround yourself with the beauty of nature by indulging in a picnic under the trees, hiking along our many trails, taking a refreshing swim in the creek, or enjoying the company of the surrounding wildlife with our many outdoor activities.

Nurture your spirit through a grand adventure in the great outdoors.

Craving to reconnect with nature?

Endless opportunities await.

“Live Long and Well” through

The Land

Step into our 178-acre paradise. Take the time to savor the 2/3-mile stretch of flowing water (Flat Creek), venture along our 6 miles of enchanting hiking trails, and become acquainted with our charming array of animals. From alpacas and miniature donkeys to Addax antelope, Blackbuck antelope, Axis deer, Fallow deer, chickens, and ducks, our family of animals eagerly anticipates your visit.

Explore our extensive six miles of private trails suitable for all skill levels. Engage in activities like mountain biking, hiking, trail running, rucking, and wildlife viewing. Hiking poles are available for your convenience. Guests can utilize a Polaris Ranger ATV, accommodating 4-6 people based on size (or two of them for larger parties).

The Trails

Creek Trail, ½ mile

An easy trail that takes you along the creek to pools 1, 2, and 3.

Cross Country Trail, 1.3 mile

This trail begins above the Savannah and takes you to the end of the property.

North Creek Trail, ½ mile

An easy loop trail that leaves near the front of the Ranch House.

Canyon Rim Trail, 1.5 miles

A more difficult hike along the rim of the palisade overlooking the creek.

Ravine Ridge Trail, 1.2 miles

A more difficult hike through the hills with some spectacular views.

Oak Meadow Trail, ⅓ miles

An easy hike up the hill behind the barn to see the views and explore the medicine wheel.

Make the most of 2/3 miles of year-round natural water, offering opportunities to swim, float, and play in various pools along Flat Creek. These natural swimming pools are spring-fed with mineral-rich clay from ancient oceans. Floats are provided for your convenience. 

Flat Creek

pool 1: Something for everyone

This pool has a very shallow entrance where kids of all ages can play. Continue further into the pool and you can swim or raft all you wish.

pool 2: Our deepest and longest pool

Enjoy from the rock edge or take a plunge. This pool is about 125 yards long and swimmable from one end to another.

pool 3: Pool with a view

After about a ½ mile hike, discover this pool and bask in the splendid views as you take a dip.

Meet the Addax Antelope, originating from the Sahara Desert, the Blackbuck Antelope from South India, and the Axis & Fallow Deer. Become friends with our delightful miniature donkeys, alpacas, chickens, and ducks as they enjoy life at Madrone Springs Ranch. We also have beehives on our ranch that make honey for you to enjoy.

Meet our Animals

Activities on the Land


There is so much to discover with our many outdoor activities. Enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, rock climbing, paddle boarding, bird watching, star gazing, or mountain biking.


Enjoy catch-and-release fishing. This is also an activity that is great to do with the kids. For kids, we supply the nets and buckets for catching minnows. Additional fishing equipment is not provided.

guided tours

Inquire about our guided tours where you can meet the animals and we will show you around the trails. 

Destinations on the Land

Take a stroll to our gazebo with long-distance views of the hill country.

Relax in the Grove, a large oak canopy with a fire pit, BBQ pit, tables, and chairs.

Explore the Beach down by the creek.

Sit in a rocking chair overlooking the creek.

Meditate at the Medicine Wheel.

Say hello to our chickens in the chicken coop.

Have some fun in our playscape for the kids.

Explore our Fairy Garden.

Local Places to Eat

Alice’s Restaurant at Treaty Oak 

A distillery on Fitzhugh east of Ranch Road 12 with a great smash burger and
brisket queso. This place also boasts a beautiful outdoor space with ample patio tables.

Tillies at Camp Lucy

An upscale restaurant with beautiful decor, they have delicious pasta and a great weekend brunch.

Abby Jane bakeshop

They have wonderful pastries and baked goods.

Thyme and Dough

They have really good sandwiches and baked goods.


Known for its comfort food, good drinks, and live music.

herencia foodtruck in johnson city

A remarkable and unique dining destination, situated just 20 minutes from the ranch. The culinary magic is spearheaded by Chef Christophe, a chef recommended by both Michelin and Forbes. He specializes in transforming "simple" dishes such as hamburgers, risotto, and fried chicken sandwiches into extraordinary culinary experiences.

Spend a few days at Madrone Springs Ranch in Texas Hill Country, and you'll find not just time but also facilities and expert guidance tailored to kickstart your wellness journey. This is where the essence of the land, our love for animals, good food, active living, and the joy of sharing meaningful experiences come together to create a haven for your physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Come stay with us.

Discover the wild allure of nature's beauty.

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