Embrace the art of living well

at Madrone Springs Ranch


Rediscover your connection to nature.


Where each moment is crafted to enhance your overall well-being.


Indulge in freshly prepared, expertly balanced, and nutritious food prepared by owner, guide, and Chef Dr. Bobby.

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“I swam next to turtles, soaked up the sun on the rocks, and got refreshed by the wind on my face. The combination of being immersed in nature and then cozy in a beautiful house was the perfect fit."

"I loved the wide open skies and walking along the creek.”

Kind Words


Spend a few days at Madrone Springs Ranch in Texas Hill Country, and you'll find not just time but also facilities and expert guidance tailored to kickstart your wellness journey. This is where the essence of the land, our love for animals, good food, active living, and the joy of sharing meaningful experiences come together to create a haven for your physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Come stay with us.

At Madrone Springs Ranch, we are passionate about living with the land in an environmentally conscious manner. Here are just a few ways we infuse eco-friendly practices into your stay…

As Nature Intended

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  • With no city or well water throughout the Ranch or the Lodge, refresh with rainwater for all your drinking and bathing purposes. 

  • We compost all organic materials to be reused in our garden.

  • Dine on seasonal farm-fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, squash, melons, garlic, and onions grown with our ranch-made compost. Our garden is pesticide-free.

  • Enjoy free-range eggs from our very own chickens who reside at the Ranch.

  • Walk along the river beds filled with primal, mineral-rich sand from ancient oceans (this part of Texas was underwater millions of years ago, and we have the clam, fossil-filled cave to prove it).

  • We currently use scent-free cleaning products.

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